"In submitting to the public eye the following collection, I ... may incur the charge of presumption for obtruding myself on the world, when, without doubt, I might be, at my age, more usefully employed." (Lord Byron)

Crede Byron

Crede Byron is a website which explores several aspects of George Gordon, 6th Lord Byron, and his childhood home of Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire.

The site has existed on the internet since June 1998, during which time it has undergone several redesigns. This is likely to be its last design for the foreseeable future. Time constraints mean there will be no new content added, but since so many of you still kindly tell me they've enjoyed the site, such as it is, I've decided it's worthwhile keeping for those interested to read :) I hope you enjoy your visit!

The Great Romantic

"He left a name to all succeeding times,
Link'd with one virtue and a thousand crimes.
(from the "The Corsair")

An outcast from society- that is the essential nature of the Byronic hero and lover. A creature of gloom, self-exiled and expiating some 'dark deed he will not name', laying claim to often-mysterious supernatural wickedness.

Byron was arguably the greatest poet of the Romantic age, and is to many the archetypal Gothic hero: a darkly glamorous figure suspected of intriguing vices and famously "mad, bad, and dangerous to know". Because the vision we have of him today is largely a figment of mythmaking, it's often difficult, if not impossible, to see the true man behind the cult that has become enshrined about his name. This site hopes to offer a little insight into the man behind the myth.


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